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Vodafone Foundation Dreamlab Expands to Six New Countries Globally

Transpire has enabled Vodafone Foundation’s DreamLab to continue its global expansion by releasing the app to a further six countries around the world. Users from Germany, Spain, Portugal, South Africa, Ghana and Lesotho can now #JoinTheDreamTeam to help fight both cancer and COVID-19 while they sleep.

That brings the total number of countries where DreamLab can be powered for life-changing research to 11, which includes Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Italy and Romania.

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Vodafone Foundation’s DreamLab – A Global Hit

Originally launched in one country (Australia) and on one platform (Android), DreamLab has continued to go from strength-to-strength, with its far-reaching potential now being realised by hundreds of thousands of people globally.

Along with the technical knowhow required to construct algorithms that can solve complex medical research calculations, Transpire’s dedicated DreamLab team has also had to figure out how to enable seamless growth across countries all over the world.

“We knew that DreamLab was a special project when we initially helped Vodafone Foundation make it a reality nearly five years ago,” said Transpire CEO Luke Smorgon.

“We feel extremely proud to have been able to continue iterating and improving the app over the years, and now undertaking a massive roll out on a global scale is incredibly rewarding for everyone here at Transpire.

“Huge credit goes to our amazing team, who have shown that they’ve still got the capacity and capability to help projects grow and succeed during this time and work closely with amazing global partners around the world.”

DreamLab's major milestones
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How to Scale an App Worldwide

The first step was to scope out and implement changes to the DreamLab backend in preparation of significantly increased loads. A number of key activities were identified and carried out by Transpire’s engineering team, who were continually supported by Amazon Web Services (AWS).

As an APN Select Consulting Partner, Transpire has been able to utilise the AWS Well-Architected Framework to scale DreamLab globally on a single codebase – a first for Vodafone anywhere in the world.

AWS specialists also helped guide the architecture discussions, which would set the foundations for big-data storage, processing, monitoring and retrieval of medical research datasets that are secure, highly available and extremely cost efficient.

Localised versions of the app also needed design iterations, development tweaks and extensive testing to ensure that the quality of DreamLab was not compromised. Thankfully, this is something Transpire has previous experience with – the mobile experience developed for Sir John Monash Centre in France is available in English, French and German. 

Finally, a host of assets, from local landing pages to App Store and Google Play copy, were meticulously ticked off to ensure every single user’s DreamLab experience would be exactly the same.

DreamLab is designed, architected and developed by Transpire. Discover more about the project here or get in touch with us to discuss.

Photo of the Transpire Brand

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