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Growing the best team through referrals

It’s well known that the best kind of marketing is word of mouth. It’s trustworthy, personal, and can often be what you need to help you take the next step in your buyer’s journey.

When it comes to talent acquisition and building out a brilliant team and an amazing workplace culture, the same principle applies. Yes we can advertise on this platform and search for particular skills on LinkedIn, but nothing beats a strong referral from a trusted member of your own team.

As a candidate, having someone to chat to and ask questions of can provide that next level of comfort to make a big move that can be hard to get in a formal interview scenario.

For the Transpire team, referring people they know not only comes with a very generous referral bonus, but it means that our people can work with like minded individuals who share the core values and behaviours that we look for at Transpire.

Alice was looking for a change when she got back in touch with her old friend and mentor Tony:

“At that stage of my life I’d had two little girls and I needed to prioritise family and my life balance. That’s when I spoke to Tony, who was a really good friend of mine and a mentor from a previous job. I was telling him that I’m gonna need a bit of a change, and he said: come to work with me at Transpire.”

For Alice, it wasn’t just a change of company – it was a whole new role, and something that she was unsure about. But her great relationship with Tony meant she was able to have the important exploratory conversations she needed to feel comfortable with the move:

“I’d never done Account Management before and I was a bit unsure about it. I’m all about doing the right thing by customers, making sure that they’re happy, and the sales will happen. I spoke to Tony about that a lot, and he was very aligned to my way of thinking.”

Tony, Mickey and Alice from the Customer Success team
Tony, Mickey and Alice from the Customer Success team

Kuldeep and Karthik hadn’t known each other very long, but they’d already had some good battles on the tennis court. Then their conversations turned to their work, as Kuldeep told us:

“Karthik shared about his knowledge in Cloud and the vast experience he has, and how he really likes to get his hands on new technologies and gain some experience. I thought that he could be a really good addition to Transpire, so I reached out to Wayne to know if there is any availability in the Cloud team.”

Networking is important when starting out and in Robin’s case, it was her wife who made the connection that eventually led to an offer for Robin to join Transpire:

“My wife is a UXer and she’d met Kira (former UX Team Lead) on a UX Bootcamp project for Women in Tech. After hearing about my struggles to land a dev role, Kira said she’d love to talk to me to see what Transpire could do. And then I talked to Anki, who said I’d love to bring you on as a graduate developer.”

It was at a social Filipino meetup group event that Rachelle met Michael and got chatting. As Michael’s told it:

“She told me she was an Android developer, and that got me really excited because I knew Transpire was looking for Android devs. I showed her our website and the current opportunities we had, and talked about my role, what I do and the type of projects we work on. At this point she was keen.”

Sami had met Jacinto a couple of years earlier on a hiking trip, and when he was contacted about a role at Transpire, he knew who to turn to for some insider information:

“I knew that Jacinto worked here so I asked him about Transpire and he had really good things to say. I did my own research and Transpire looked like a cool place to be. So I asked him to refer me for that role. I went through a few rounds of interviews with Transpire and the client I’m working with, and here I am.”

Sahal, Sami and Jacinto
Sahal, Sami and Jacinto

Zac met Daniel when he was embedded with our client and Daniel was an in-house designer. Daniel instantly wanted to know more:

“I noticed Zac running workshops with the team, which caught my eye. I was interested in the whole set-up and asked if I could get a coffee with him to talk about what he did, and he introduced me to UX. Once I did some more research, I knew this was something I had to do. Zac was a great mentor – he answered my silly questions and challenged me with my thinking.”

Zac was more than happy to help because he thought Daniel would make a good UXer, and they stayed in touch over the years. It was after a chat about working in product vs consulting that Zac suggested Daniel move over and join Zac as a member of our design team based in Brisbane. Zac’s support through this process played a big part in Daniel making the leap:

“I knew from then I had to work for Transpire. I am so happy with my decision! I am working with an amazing company that values its people and supports them in every way it can, and I have learnt so much in the past 3 and a half months it blows my mind.”

Zac and Daniel along with Naimish and Marc from our Brisbane team
Zac and Daniel along with Naimish and Marc from our Brisbane team

These are just some of the stories of Transpire team members actively participating in building a leading team with the best culture. No doubt there will be many more to come in the future.

Photo of the Transpire Brand

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