Showcasing Flight Centre’s Value in an Age of Online Travel Agents

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The Challenge

To gain a holistic understanding of Flight Centre’s requirements, Transpire conducted business stakeholder interviews, store visits in Brisbane and Melbourne, travel agent interviews, and usability testing.

Transpire’s extensive customer and agent research enabled Flight Centre to discover what app users wanted and needed, both from a customer and Flight Centre perspective.

Critical to the success of the app was the speed at which users could search and book their flights. To ensure pain points were eliminated and users felt supported throughout the experience, Transpire integrated pre-populated lists of popular domestic airports and destinations.

Design conventions were also applied to support new users in their discovery of the app, making it feel familiar and enhancing the overall user experience.

Flight Centre also wanted the app to provide insights into the travel opportunities that a customer could book. Its latest deals could be reached in just two clicks from the home screen, inspiring users to travel but with a strong link to Flight Centre’s existing digital channels and expert travel agents.

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The Flight Centre app isn’t just a fast way to find flights and fantastic deals; it showcases the enormity of Flight Centre’s value in the age of online travel agents and positions the business as a world class, cross-platform retailer.