Delivering Customer-Focused Innovation with AWS


"Being able to use AWS technologies and practices means that we can provide our customers with the most innovative, accessible, secure, and cost-effective tech solutions available today."


Transpire + AWS

As an APN Select Consulting Partner, Transpire is able to design, architect, build, migrate and manage AWS workloads and applications for customers of all types and sizes on a global scale.

We are trusted to deliver innovation, agility and enterprise optimisation of infrastructure throughout the customer lifecycle. This can only come about from in-depth expertise and proven customer success in areas such as DevOps, IoT, Big Data, and Cloud Migration.

Transpire is uniquely positioned to help customers at any stage of their digital transformation journey realise tangible business outcomes. We can also provide services and solutions that support virtually any AWS use case, including those with specific security or regulatory compliance requirements.

Our ultimate goal is to inform and assist customers with AWS technology to benefit their defined business strategy and achieve their goals.


Vodafone Foundation DreamLab

DreamLab aims to increase the pace of cancer research by harnessing the power of mobile technology to create Australia’s first ‘smartphone supercomputer’.

Transpire designed and developed the DreamLab mobile app and back-end solutions using what was at the time pre-release AWS services such as Lambda server-less functions.

AWS specialists guided the architecture discussions, which would set the foundations for big-data storage, processing, monitoring and retrieval of cancer research datasets that are secure, highly available and extremely cost efficient.

Thanks to its Well-Architected Framework, DreamLab has scaled to 15 regions around the world, all managed on one codebase – a first for Vodafone.

Transpire uses AWS for Dreamlab in a number of different ways. We take advantage of CodeBuild, CodePipeline, CodeDeploy and Cloudformation to create all of our resources and deploy code to every environment, giving us an excellent combination of flexibility and traceability.

We use API Gateway, Lambda functions and DynamoDB to provide an API; S3 and SQS to host and queue the data consumed by our Android and iOS apps. This API exposes the file names that the apps are going to request to eventually retrieve binary data, which will be processed and returned as a result file.

– 100 million calculations

– 300k users

– 100 million calculations



Domestic Violence Resource Centre Victoria (DVRCV) wanted to develop an application that would serve as a platform to identify, document and record patterns of intimate partner behaviour that makes women feel scared, unsafe, or intimidated. Due to the nature of the subject matter along with a tight timeframe and technical limitations, Transpire adopted a more direct delivery approach to best serve DVRCV’s requirements. Removing barriers to participation was a priority for DVRCV. This meant carefully considering where certain actions within the app should be located, which features should take priority, and making sure the user could populate the form with as much or as little information as they felt comfortable. With DVRCV, we utilised the server-less architecture model (SAM) with AWS Appsync. This included GraphQL, DynamoDB, Lambda and API Gateway with user authentication secured by Cognito. The single-page web application is optimised through Cloudfront and hosted on S3. The solution allows authorised users to securely create entries of domestic violence and record video, audio and images, which are then uploaded to AWS.  

–AES-256 encryption

–14 rounds of data transformation

–5 star App Store rating


Telstra IoT 2.0

Telstra’s vision was to develop an IoT ecosystem that would enhance the journey of customers by providing simplicity, security and interoperability. To achieve this, Telstra planned to utilise a modular solution architecture, encompassing a ‘best-of-breed’ approach to each component, resulting in a cloud and device agnostic platform to empower users.

Transpire engaged in research with CIOs, IT managers and software developers to understand their attitudes and behaviours. In order to reduce cognitive bias and increase the veracity of responses, we adopted anonymous mixed method research comprising surveys and face-to-face interviews.

The output was a user validated set of customer value propositions and a series of “one-stop-shop” POCs, which included a single-page web application based on the AWS Well-Architected Framework. It also had to hook in with AWS IoT using additional services such as EC2, CloudFront, S3 and RDS.