Josh Guest

Josh’s vision is to have a lasting and positive impact on the world through technology. Since 2009 Transpire has been his vehicle to achieve this by building a market leading design and digital consultancy working on the most important and large scale digital touch points. Josh’s leadership has enabled Transpire to be a people-first organisation, working with some of Australia’s most prominent businesses, alongside leading industry partners.

Favourite quote:

“In the end the stuff we build is going into an end customer’s hands and so we have a huge responsibility to get it right. We’re always thinking about the end user and how they’re going to use the technology during their lives, no matter who they are. That’s definitely a big difference for us in the market.”

Favourite book/game/album/app/show:


On weekends you’ll find me:

Drinking babycino’s with family and marathon training

What’s your superpower:

Photographic memory

Weaving humanity into tech means:

The best technology is simple and seamless. Weaving customers, designers and engineers together is the foundation to delivering brilliant technology.

What is your favourite emoji: